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Kristina Chapman

Real Estate Assistant

Kristina attended the Toronto School of Business in Windsor where she obtained diplomas in the Legal Assistant Program and the Executive Assistant Program in May, 1993. Before working as a legal assistant, she was a bartender for a few years at her parents’ family business.  Her first working experience in a law firm was as a bookkeeper, and she worked as a bookkeeper for a couple of law firms for approximately ten years.  When she returned to work in 2005 after having her second child, she became a Legal Assistant working specifically in Real Estate.  She began working for Bezaire & Associates as the dedicated Real Estate Assistant in the fall of 2012 and now has singular responsibility for all of the firm’s real estate and conveyancing transactions.

She lives with her husband, two daughters and mother in Lakeshore, Ontario.  She has a house full of animals: two dogs and four cats, all of which were rescued.

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